Who does not like to watch a free live football match ? Whether online or directly in the field (if you can afford it), what is certain is that football is still one of the most popular sports in the world, so the demand to be able to see it is very high. From the online perspective, there can be many reasons that will incite you to watch a soccer match over the internet . For example, to find us on the road and not have any TV nearby, not having paid football at home or simple laziness.

Whether it’s because you do not have a TV or you do not have Gol TV  , Movistar + or another channel, you’ve ended up resorting to the internet to watch football matches. However, there is nothing that can match the comfort of watching a match in front of the TV since watching football matches online for free means suffering a mismatch in the image of a few seconds with respect to the live image and in some Cases, very low image quality.

I’m one of those freaks that could throw me full Sundays at the bar doing a football marathon, watching matches of all leagues without regard. For that and much more, I have made a list of pages to watch free football, one of the best is crictime which offers great number of channels. although I have to warn you that some bordering the border of legal . I think that if they are available to everyone and everyone uses them, there is no reason not to report them. Be that as it may, now that I have confessed and I have removed the feeling of guilt, here I leave you  the best pages to watch football for free online .

Currently, it is relatively easy to watch football (or almost any event that is broadcast live) using an Internet connection. The options I offer below often work by broadcasting the signal from foreign channels, using their licenses for competitions such as the BBVA league, the Spanish Cup or the UEFA Champions League. Unfortunately, the  payment alternatives to watch football online in Spain are scarce and expensive .

Therefore , I will review the systems available to watch free football over the Internet, which is cricfree yes they offer free streaming without any cost. so you know what to do to achieve the best possible image quality  (it is necessary to have a bandwidth of 3 Mbps or higher ) .

  • Streaming : These are live video distribution platforms . To visualize them only it is necessary to have a browser that supports flash and wait a few seconds. Good functioning depends on the number of people connecting at the same time. Most distribution platforms limit the audience and, if exceeded, the image may appear jumps or not work directly. It is best that you turn to specialized pages like Rojadirecta , LiveTV  or  Soccer Live TV .
  • P2P TV : Peer to peer (or P2P) networks allow you to distribute data without having to use a fixed server. All the computers that connect to it work as clients and servers at the same time. In practice and considering the subject at hand, this means much more stability in the broadcast than can offer the streaming and, normally, the possibility of sending video to a higher bitrateSopcast , TVUPlayer and TVAnts  are some specialized programs for this task. Once installed the programs only need to click on the link and authorize Windows to open the corresponding program when necessary.

Bookmakers offer live events  or football matches for free  which you can view from any browser using the media player. The differences between them are few, although Clic is   one of the bookies that more live events offers. What they do is ” give away ” this soccer service live to their customers so they can bet in real time . Not a big help, but for those who bet a lot can be very useful.

You can see many  live events , but what if you just want to see the summary of the game that you could not see for whatever reason? That’s why FootyTube, a YouTube-style page dedicated to compiling videos with football game summaries , the best plays, controversial plays, everything interesting that can be extracted from a football game. Of course, they only have things regarding soccer , no other sport.

It is not the best pages to watch football for free , but it is usable and if you do not find anything better, you can turn to it.

When it comes to watching the games, my recommendation is that you try to  tune the channel over the Internet at least 10 minutes in advance to “reserve space” if it is a channel through JustinTV or Ustream with little bandwidth or To gradually store, in the buffer of your computer more images, especially if you connect through Crictime or Cricfree. That said, you may want to leave a comment and share this article on your favorite social networks.