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Author: amul

Platforms to Watch football

Who does not like to watch a free live football match ? Whether online or directly in the field (if you can afford it), what is certain is that football is still one of the most popular sports in the world, so the demand to be able to see it is very high. From the online perspective, there can be many reasons that will incite you to watch a soccer match over the internet . For example, to find us on the road and not have any TV nearby, not having paid football at home or simple laziness. Whether it’s because you do not have a TV or you do not have Gol TV ¬†, Movistar + or another channel, you’ve ended up resorting to the internet to watch football matches. However, there is nothing that can match the comfort of watching a match in front of the TV since watching football matches online for free means suffering a mismatch in the image of a few seconds with respect to the live image and in some Cases, very low image quality. I’m one of those freaks that could throw me full Sundays at the bar doing a football marathon, watching matches of all leagues without regard. For that and much more, I have made a list of pages to watch free football, one of the best is crictime¬†which offers...

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The Amul India Story – (1970)

“So persevere, if necessary. For success attends only those who persevere, who see their goal steadily and aim for it unswervingly… who persevere with dedication and faith in the cause they are fighting for…” The author, Ruth Heredia’s connection with Amul dates back to the inauguration of the Amul Dairy when, aged four, she presented a bouquet to the guest of honour, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. She and her family have sampled the taste of Amul Condensed Milk and Amul Cheese through their various progressive stages. Ms Heredia is an occasional writer, and sometimes lectures on her favourite subjects: music, literature and history. She has a post graduate degree in English, has been a librarian, loves animals (especially dogs), and enjoys a good movie or a tennis match. The Amul India Story is a stimulating excursion into a dream that is now reality. Blessed with the vision of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a patriot, the book traces the birth of a small movement in Gujarat, the Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producer’s Union and its evolution into a fantastic new paradigm of development. A fast-paced narrative, laced with several fascinating anecdotes, the book chronicles the daring initiatives and dynamism displayed by a team of committed individuals – a farmer, Tribhuvandas Patel, a professional manager, V.Kurien and a technologist, H.M.Dalaya. This is a story of faith, empowerment, and dream realization, with all the...

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Glimpses of Sardar Feature Film

National award winner and Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration. Movie with sub-titles in English, Gujrati, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, French, Arabic, Spanish, German and Dutch. To order a copy of the film, kindly contact: Shri Rameshbhai Prajapati, Sardar Patel Trust, Anand-Sojitra Road, Karamsad – 388 325, Anand District, Gujrat, Phone: 02692 223005 / 223006, E-mail:...

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Manthan – The Churning (1976)

Manthan relates the story of a young urban group headed by a veterinary doctor, which is sent by an organization to a poor village in order to help start a milk cooperative. As they proceed, they come up against two kinds of vested interests. One, a private contractor who has been exploiting the village for years and two, the village headmen who sees in the cooperative a means to strengthen his own power.The team leader, who can see this thinks that if he could get the poor majority (who also happen to belong to the harijan community – or the out-castes) into the cooperative, he can thwart the headman. This is not as easy as he imagines. He picks a natural leader from among them, Bhola. Bhola is initially against this outside intrusion in his village. He suspects all outsiders and sees them only as exploiters. He has good reason. His own father, an urban contractor, abandoned his mother. And one of the members of the group is already carrying on with a village girl. Gradually, he comes to see the value of the cooperative. In the process, however, the dormant caste antagonisms are brought to the surface and cause a clash. This results in the burning of the harijans’ huts. The private contractor sees this opportunity to get back his influence with the villagers. Everything appears to have...

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